Flowers on a Monday morning...WOW!!!

How would you like to find  these on your desk on a Monday morning?
Well it would be lovely.
And I found them on mine... :))
Now you are thinking, how lucky I am that I have a "lover" who thinks of me that much, who even gives me flowers for me to get over the "monday syndrome".

You are right about that. I have a lover, actually the best one who always thinks of me, makes me smile, makes me laugh, feeds me, who understands me, who gives without even me asking for anything, who always stand by me, who never cheats on me, who respects me...Yeah, I am lucky.
Because that lover is ME! :)

LOVE yourself...give yourself flowers, decorate your life with your love, do the beautiful things to yourself that you want others to do to YOU. You deserve the best, you deserve your love...

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