To Sum Up My Style...

Hey everyone! I need your favs., comments and reposts, can you help me out?

I have never talked about my style in my blog. I guess I am explaining it every time I post something in my blog. Well, here it goes...
I am an architect, designer and blogger. I love everything about design, from the first scratch to the time when you begin to use the product or the space that is created. Fashion  and styling for myself is also a part of this design process.
Ever since I was a little girl, styling my own self, every day has given me an incredible energy. For me, styling is designing your mood for that particular time/moment. That's what I do every day for myself. And via my blog, Girlie Little Things, I get the chance to share it with everyone. I cannot consider my mood, the space I am in and my clothes seperately. They all define me. They all give a clue about who I really am. Just follow the signs. :)
I don't believe that one has to wear all designer clothes, nothing but expensive brands to look good. The journey of looking good starts inside, with your mood, with the person who you would like to be. Then the result, which is the way you dress, comes out. So, you can reflect your own being by shopping from any store. That's what I am doing. I have clothes and accessories from all over, including the greatest brands and the bazaar and the vintage grandma clothing at the same time. If I cannot find the quality products for reasonable prizes, that would probably trigger me as a designer. And the next thing I am producing would be what I am looking for. That I can do via my own design company Designroom. I combine these pieces of clothes. That way, most of the people think that I have hundreds of things. In fact, I have only the 1/3 of the things that others think I have. ;)
To sum up, I will share some of my styles that you've already seen and not seen in "Wears" section of my blog, just to justify what I have said above. Here are the photos of seasonal "me"...
That's all for now, keep on following me to see more. Thank you... Kisses, Burcu. 





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